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Josh Hoeppner is a contributing member of the Louisville Cartoonist Society (LCS). He wrote “The Forge of Syrba” short story for the LCS anthology Tall Tales and Little Lies, "The Tale of Ali Kassim" for the LCS's next anthology, as well as a number of other anthology stories.



Lyle Coleman has many years as a comic and games retailer and is also a contributing member of the Louisville Cartoonist Society. He wrote the short stories “Hydras have More Gold” and “Vexillium” for the LCS anthology Tall Tales and Little Lies.


Ryan Howe runs Scribblinz Studios and has a provided art for a number of comic book projects including Jurassic Strike Force 5 for Zenescope, Henchmen for Robot Paper, and Yva Starling: Troubleshooter and Zombie Plague for Rsquared Studios. He provides both pencils and inks on the project. Be sure to check out his webcomic, Daisy Blackwood.

Ronda Pattison, co-founder of RSquared Studios, and is the Eisner nominated colorist of Atomic Robo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Eleanor and the Egret, lots of other stuff, and the book she co-created with studio mate Brian Roe, Yva Starling: Troubleshooter (with Ryan on the art!).


Mike Norton provides our cover. Not just any ole guy named Mike Norton. THE Mike Norton. Creator of the Eisner winning Battlepug, and co-creator of Revival over at Image Comics (with Tim Seely). Mike has done a TON of work for Marvel and DC to name a few.


Keith Akers has known Josh and Lyle since before Josh and Lyle knew each other. Keith has worked with Josh and Lyle quite a few times.His collaborations include drawing, inking, and coloring “The Forge of Syrba” & "The Tale of Ali Kassim" short stories written by Josh. He also provides the cover art for the Flynt prose story.

Donovan Yaciuk has done coloring work on books published by Marvel, DC and Dark Horse comics since 1998. Donovan honed his craft as a part of the legendary, Digital Chameleon coloring studio. Donovan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the University of Manitoba. Check out his great coloring website and his awesome comic Spacepig Hamadeus.

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